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The Impact You Make When Shopping Local

Did you know every time you shop from a small business a real person does a happy dance?

Our world has become overpowered by huge corporations, and the human aspect of shopping is slowly but surely diminishing. Throw a pandemic in the mix, and you have hundreds of small retailers going out of business while the big dogs rack up more money.

Benefits of Shopping Local

Have you experienced a greater feeling than walking into a small shop and being able to strike up a conversation with the owner of the store? You can listen to them talk passionately about how they started, their journey, and their favorite products. What about when you eat a delicious meal and get to personally congratulate the chef? This is the magic of small businesses.

A lot of these businesses do not have the resources to create an online presence. This is where the Noa App comes in to help. We’ve created a self-sustaining marketplace that will place these local retailers in front of the eyes of city-wide shoppers. 

When you shop small you are...

  1. Positively impacting your local economy: a high percentage of transacted dollars remains local, and tax dollars are funneled right back into the economy. 

  1. Positively impacting the environment: industrial level manufacturing accounts for approximately 50% of pollution in the United States. Noa allows everyday people to become delivery drivers – this means more use out of your daily commute, whether you drive or bike!
  2. Strengthening your community: shopping local increases money flow within your community. More jobs and opportunities are created, as well as better relationships with your community neighbors.
  3. Making your community a destination: when you’re proud to show off the unique products found near you, other people are more likely to visit! This benefits everyone.

At Noa, we’re committed to giving these small business owners a big platform so they can succeed in as many ways they can. We <3 supporting the country’s entrepreneurs and we <3 creating opportunities for anyone in our community!

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